Upcoming Events

JANUARY 2017   
   *1/1 ~ Happy New Year!
   *1/4 ~ Junior Competition Team First Practice
   *1/7 ~ Non League @ RCEC (14Air & 13Air)
   *1/8 ~ Non Leauge @ RCEC
                     (18Air, 16Air, 16Elite, 15Air, 15Elite)
   *1/14-1/15 ~ California Kickoff Tournament
   *1/21-1/22 ~ PLQ 18Air
   *1/21 ~ Premier League 12Air
   *1/22 ~ Premier League 14Fusion, 13Fusion
   *1/28 ~ Premier League 12Air, JCT Tournament
   *1/29 ~ Premier League 14Fusion, 13Fusion
   *1/31 ~ Picture Day @ RCEC
FEBRUARY 2017   
   *2/1 ~ Picture Day @ FSC
   *2/4-2/5 ~ PLQ 16Air, 16Elite, 15Air, 15Elite,                            14Air, 13Air
   *2/4 ~ Power League 18Air
   *2/18-2/20 ~ Las Vegas Classic 18Air
   *2/18-2/20 ~ President's Day 16Air, 16Elite,                       15Elite, 14Air, 14Fusion, 13Fusion, 12Air
   *2/25 ~Premier League 12Air
   *2/25 ~Premier League 12Air, JCT Tournament
   *2/26 ~Power League 18Air, 16Air, 16Elite/                     Premier League 14Fusion, 13Fusion

California Kickoff Tournament
Updated 1/11/17
Team Day 1 Details
18Air 3pm / San Jose Convention Center/ Ct 5/ Seed 41
16Air 8am / San Jose Convention Center/ Ct 16/ Seed 18
16Elite 8am / San Jose Convention Center/ Ct 1/ Seed 48
15Air 8am / San Jose Convention Center/ Ct 34/ Seed 29
15Elite 8am / San Jose Convention Center/ Ct 26/ Seed 49
14Air 3pm/ Santa Clara Convention Center/ Ct 59/ Seed 18
13Air 3pm/ San Mateo Event Center/ Ct 75/ Seed 26
12Air 8am/ Santa Clara Convention Center/ Ct 52/ Seed 24

Live Schedule & Results


The AVCA Combines Are Here!
The AVCA College Prep Combine is a two-hour low impact,
high value data gathering session that assesses a player’s physical potential (avcaVPI™) & behavioral temperament(ABP), both critical factors in informing the college-bound volleyball player about her choices.
There is no actual volleyball playing in our combines.
Any female volleyball player graduating from
high school in 2017 to 2020 can attend.
Register Now

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Gold Cal Jrs Volleyball Club believes that success is a result of developing the players physically and mentally. Our desire is to provide opportunity for highly motivated volleyball players to further develop and enhance their skills through participation in USA Volleyball’s Junior Program. We are dedicated to structuring programs that focus on providing the best possible opportunities for young athletes to develop basic and advanced volleyball fundamentals.

NCVA Updates
*Power League Schedule
*Premier League Schedule
USA Volleyball
*USAV Nationals June 25-July 4, 2017 - Minneapolis
*Girls Qualifier Schedule
*Girls 18's Open & USA Qualifier Schedule

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