Upcoming Events
FEBRUARY 2017     
   *2/11 ~ Non League 15Elite
   *2/12 ~ Non League 13Air     
   *2/18-2/20 ~ Las Vegas Classic 18Air
   *2/18-2/20 ~ President's Day 16Air, 16Elite, 15Elite,                             14Air, 14Fusion, 13Fusion, 12Air
   *2/25 ~Premier League 12Air
   *2/25 ~Premier League 12Air, JCT Tournament
   *2/26 ~Power League 18Air, 16Air, 16Elite/                     Premier League 14Fusion, 13Fusion
MARCH 2017
  *3/3-3/5 ~Golden State Qualifier 18Air, 8am
   *3/4-3/6 ~ Colorado Crossroads 15Air, 3pm
   *3/10-3/12 ~ Colorado Crossroads 18Air 3pm
   *3/11 ~ Premier League 12Air, JCT Tournament
   *3/12 ~ Power League 15Air, 14Air, 13Air
   *3/19 ~ Power League 16Air, 16Elite
   *3/19 ~ Premier League 14Fusion, 13Fusion
   *3/26 ~ Power League 16Air, 16Elite,
                                                14Air, 13Air
President's Day
Updated 2/15/17
Team Details 2/18-2/20
16Air San Jose CC/ 3pm/ Seed 15/ ct 13
16Elite San Jose CC/ 3pm/ Seed 69/ ct 24
15Elite San Mateo EC/ 3pm/ Seed 60/ ct 60
14Air San Jose CC/ 8am/ Seed 34/ ct 21
14Fusion San Jose CC/ 8am/ Seed 103/ ct 14
13Air San Mateo EC/ 8am/ Seed 33/ ct 45
13Fusion San Mateo EC/ 8am/ Seed 66/ ct 57
12Air Craneway Pavilion/ 8am/ Seed 29/ ct 71
Live Schedule & Results

Las Vegas Classic
Updated 2/13/17
Team Details 2/18-2/20
18Air World Market Center/ Court 32/ 2pm
AES Schedule & Results
Power League
Updated 2/6/17
Team Details - 2/26 - First Serve 8am
18Air Chico High School
16Air TBA
16Elite TBA
Live Schedule & Results
Premier League

Updated 2/6/17

Team Details - First Serve 8am
14Fusion 2/26 - Rancho Cordova EC
13Fusion 2/26 - Rancho Cordova EC
12Air 2/25 - Rancho Cordova EC
12Elite 2/25 - Rancho Cordova EC
12Fusion 2/25 - Rancho Cordova EC
12Gold 2/25 - Rancho Cordova EC
Live Schedule & Results


The National Volleyball Showcase was created to help athletes in the recruiting process to get seen as well as help college coaches evaluate recruits. Attending one of our events affords you more than a 30-second glance on the way to another court or field. You will get evaluated by college coaches and scouts for the duration of the event session – all in one place.
March 3 – Denver (15Air) / March 9 – Denver Showcase (18Air)
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University Athlete is the premier communication tool connecting college coaches and student athletes. We don't sell athletes to colleges nor promote them in any way so the coaches trust us and use our services. UA combines the convenience of an online database with powerful mobile software to assist coaches' recruiting efforts at tournaments. At a tournament, colleges can instantly find any player, identify new players, evaluate and take notes without losing valuable time needed to watch the action. More than 300 Div I and more than 500 Div II, III, Juco and NAIA programs use University Athlete
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Gold Cal Jrs Volleyball Club believes that success is a result of developing the players physically and mentally. Our desire is to provide opportunity for highly motivated volleyball players to further develop and enhance their skills through participation in USA Volleyball’s Junior Program. We are dedicated to structuring programs that focus on providing the best possible opportunities for young athletes to develop basic and advanced volleyball fundamentals.

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*Premier League Schedule
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*USAV Nationals June 25-July 4, 2017 - Minneapolis
*Girls Qualifier Schedule
*Girls 18's Open & USA Qualifier Schedule

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