Upcoming Events
MARCH 2017
  *3/3-3/5 ~Golden State Qualifier 18Air, 8am
   *3/4-3/6 ~ Colorado Crossroads 15Air, 3pm
   *3/10-3/12 ~ Colorado Crossroads 18Air 3pm
   *3/11 ~ Premier League 12Air, JCT Tournament
   *3/12 ~ Power League 15Air, 14Air, 13Air
   *3/19 ~ Power League 16Air, 16Elite
   *3/19 ~ Premier League 14Fusion, 13Fusion
   *3/26 ~ Power League 16Air, 16Elite,  14Air, 13Air
APRIL 2017
  *4/1 ~Power League 18Air
   *4/2 ~ Power League 15Air, 15Elite
   *4/8 ~ Premier League 14Fusion, 13Fusion, 12Air
   *4/7-4/9 ~ SCVA Qualifier 16Air, 16Elite,
                                                            15Air, 14Air
   *4/15 ~ Power Leauge 15Air, 14Air, 13Air
   *4/22-4/24 ~ Far Westerns Qualifier 15Elite,                       14Air, 14Fusion, 13Air, 13Fusion, 12Air
   *4/28-4/30 ~ Far Westerns Qualifier 16Air,                                                                   16Elite, 15Air
Power League
Updated 3/20/17
Team Details - First Serve 8am
18Air 4/1 - Woodside HS
16Air 3/26 - McDermont Field House
16Elite 3/26 - Hank Marsh Junior High
15Air 4/2 - Dougherty Valley HS
15Elite 4/2 - Rancho Cordova EC
14Air 3/26 - Livingston High School
13Air 3/26 - Rancho Cordova EC
Live Schedule & Results

SCVA Qualifier
Updated 3/14/17

Team Details - 4/7-4/9
16Air USA/ 8am
16Elite American/ 8am
15Air USA/ 3pm
14Air American/ 3pm
AES Live Schedule & Results - coming soon!

USAVolleyball High
Performance Tryouts

Far Westerns Weekends
4/21 & 4/27 at Reno Convention Center
Tryout is from 4-8pm ~ Register Now


Girls National Team Pipeline
What is USA Volleyball High Performance?

USA Volleyball is the National Governing Body for the sport of volleyball in the United States. USAV is responsible for operating the USA National Men's and Women's Volleyball Teams, the USA Olympic Teams, and also USA Youth and Junior National Teams for each gender. The Youth and Junior National Teams, along with a number of tiered training programs, fall under the High Performance Department, or HP.

The High Performance Department works to advance volleyball talent and build a broader and stronger pipeline of athletes and coaches for our USA Olympic Teams. The High Performance Program bridges the gap between our USA National Teams and youth volleyball programs across the country. This is done through a system of national tryouts which then qualify athletes for training programs, camps, and Youth and Junior National Teams. The HP Program at USA Volleyball is the “Pipeline” for volleyball athletes who aspire to reach the elite level of their sport and is intended to grow the pool of talented young players who may someday compete for a spot on the USA National and Olympic Teams.

The HP Program and Athlete Pipeline include players of each gender in five age groups that are based on the birth year of the athlete. Those age groups are referred to as Senior (oldest) Junior, Youth, Select, and Future Select (youngest). These age groups are determined by an athlete's year of birth using mandatory international criteria beginning approximately when they are 11 or 12 years old as Future Select athletes and continues for eight seasons through the Junior age group, often into their collegiate years. Many athletes also continue through their college years in the Senior age group in the Senior A2 Program, US National Training Team, US National Team, and ultimately, the USA Olympic Team.

Gold Cal Jrs Volleyball Club believes that success is a result of developing the players physically and mentally. Our desire is to provide opportunity for highly motivated volleyball players to further develop and enhance their skills through participation in USA Volleyball’s Junior Program. We are dedicated to structuring programs that focus on providing the best possible opportunities for young athletes to develop basic and advanced volleyball fundamentals.

NCVA Updates
*Power League Schedule
*Premier League Schedule
USA Volleyball
*USAV Nationals June 25-July 4, 2017 - Minneapolis
*Girls Qualifier Schedule
*Girls 18's Open & USA Qualifier Schedule

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