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There are several things to be aware of and stay on top of as a young athlete. Below is the beginning steps that you as an athlete can do to help prepare and promote yourself. Please understand, these things are to be done by the athlete, not the athletes' parents or coaches. Gold Cal athletes have several people to support & assist athletes but it is important that athletes take a proactive approach to their future.

1. Take the correct high school classes
It is important that you work with your high school advisor and make sure you are always taking the correct course load. Your academics are just as important as your athletics.

 2. Register with NCAA & NAIA
NCAA Eligibility Center
NAIA registration

3. Make your lists (4-5 schools per list)
a) Dream School
b) Realistic Goal
c) Fall back School

4. Take the SAT & ACT
Visit websites for detailed information

5. Create a video
This film should have highlights and short bits of game film.
Do not send a film of you and your coach in the gym.
It is best to send film of you in playing in a match.

6. Research Schools
Most schools have a recruiting link - See which coach is responsible for recruiting

7. First contact email
- Introduce yourself and briefly explain why you are contacting them
- Video link
- Recruiting resume with stats, honors and academic information
- Contact information for yourself, your HS coach and your club coach

8. Go to college volleyball camps & campus visits
Attend the summer volleyball camp hosted by the college that you’re interested in.
Most likely, you will be able to meet the coach, current players & tour the campus.

9. Final choice
- Would you go to this school if volleyball was not a factor?
- Relationship with coaches and other teammates
- Financial package
- Major offered

It is important in this email that you let them know the most recent
tournament you will be playing in and invite them to come see you play.




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